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Teen girls golf outfit
Jan 31

Changing the Game for Tween and Teen Girls

We all know the fabled story of Goldilocks, the curious girl who enters a home (albeit uninvited) and tries out things that are too big, too small, too hard, or too soft, eventually finding what’s just right for her.

If you have ever searched for girls' golf clothing, the Goldilocks story likely resonates with you. It certainly strikes a chord with Ellen Krissman, founder of Marie Birdie, a new golf apparel line tailored for tween and teen girls. As a mother of two young golfers, Krissman has spent many an hour each year looking for just-right golf attire for her two daughters often coming up short.

“Last year, my eldest daughter aged or sized out of most girls’ golf clothing,” Krissman said. “It became increasingly difficult to put together an outfit she could wear that was suitable for her club and age. Many clothes were too small, too big, too short, too sexy, too cutesy, and so on. I saw a need in the market, from a very personal perspective.”  

Enter Marie Birdie, a brand from Krissman that blends fun, function, and fashion, thereby giving girls a voice on the golf course. At Marie Birdie, girls aren't an afterthought or an accessory. Instead, the Marie Birdie teams understands that girls develop their own sense of style beginning in their tween years which shifts and grows with them through their teen years. Marie Birdie celebrates girls and their love for the game by offering apparel that reflects them so they can feel and perform their best on the golf course.

 Krissman aims to support girls who are at a critical age in their athletic journey. According to research by the Women's Foundation of Sports, girls have dropped out of sports at two times the rate of boys by age 14. Cited reasons include lack of access – girls have 1.3 million fewer opportunities than boys to play high school sports. Other explanations are social stigma and a lack of positive role models in their sport of choice.

“I'm a golfer myself,” says Ellen, “and I want to lessen the number of obstacles my girls face to being confident and capable athletes. Committing to a sport and being part of that community is a great way for girls to grow into bold and self-assured women. What mother doesn’t want that for her daughter?”

Resolved in her goal, Krissman leaned into her entrepreneurial background, founding Marie Birdie in 2022 and aiming to design just-right apparel for tween and teen girls.
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