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To me, being a girl in golf is all about enjoying yourself and connecting with others who share the same aspirations. I've come to realize that with determination anything is possible and I discovered that achieving greatness requires immense effort and commitment, but every girl has the potential to reach their full potential.

Ariya and Liyana

Being a girl in golf means embracing the sport with skill and determination while navigating a traditionally male-dominated field.

My favorite memory is winning first place in the womens league and my dad won in the men's league!!


A lifetime ahead of us to grow in the game. Golf is what we do, a skilled sport we chose to develop. I'm only 10 but i can appreciate the challenges and rewards each course and each shot presents. When you step on the first tee box you know you got this!!!! I can confront challenges knowing that "I got this". In life as in golf! You got this and encourage others to follow.


Girls golf is empowering and inspiring!
I love everything about it! And so so grateful for the best friends I’ve made along the way!


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