About Marie Birdie

About Marie Birdie
Our mission is to inspire and empower tween and teenage girls to approach golf and play confidently and uncompromisingly. We envision a world where every girl can enjoy the benefits of playing golf, stay active, and feel included. Unlike other brands that focus on winning (or matching), Marie Birdie exists to inspire happiness, strength, and confidence by recognizing each girl's unique style sense and offering clothing just for "her."

At Marie Birdie, you are not an afterthought and never an accessory. We are a female-founded golf brand, leading and empowering young females, and the only brand focused 100% on Tween and Teen girls' golf. Our fun first approach is more than a feeling; it's a movement. Welcome to the #smilezone! 

About the Founder
Founder Ellen Marie Krissman was born in the summer of 1979 in Central Illinois. As a child, her dad's records filled the air, and the intoxicating sounds of the generation that brought us "peace, love, and rock and roll" have forever been imprinted in her heart and soul. Ellen's paternal Grandfather moved to Santa Monica, Ca., in the early 80s and became a World Champion Croquet player. Each Thanksgiving, he would return to the chilly midwest and bring the exotic, sunny, and vibrant Birds of Paradise flowers back with him.


Her maternal Grandfather built a house next door and spent his retirement tinkering in his wood shop, golfing, and tinkering on golf gadgets. When Ellen was 8, he cut down an old set of his clubs and re-gripped them so they could hit practice balls into their country farm's one-acre side yard. Ellen's golf journey's next step was at 16 when she joined the school golf team, where she wrote inspirational or funny messages on golf tees to inspire or help lighten their mood before teeing off.


Then, as fate would have it, at 22 Ellen met her soulmate, a native Angeleno, and came to Southern California. In 2021 Ellen grew frustrated there was not fashionable and functional golf clothing for her tween daughter that was also appropriate for her age and for the golf course. During her journey she discovered research by the Women and Sports Foundation citing that girls, by the age of 14, have left sports two times the rate of boys. With this newfound knowledge and the mindset we can do better for our girls, she launched Marie Birdie in 2022 with its debut at the 2023 PGA show in Orlando.


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