About Marie Birdie

About Marie Birdie

Marie Birdie is a female-founded and owned golf and active wear brand for tween and teen girls. Our mission is to inspire, delight, and empower girls to enjoy an active lifestyle while playing golf.

Founded in 2021 in Los Angeles by Ellen Marie Krissman to fill the need for age-appropriate, functional, and fun golf wear for Tweens and Teens, she saw research by the Women and Sport Foundation which cited girls by the age of fourteen, leave sports at two times the rate of boys. She knew that girls golf could look different if given their own space in pro shops. 

About The Owner – West Coast Meets East Coast

Rebekah bought Marie Birdie in 2023 and moved its headquarters to West Palm Beach, Florida. An avid and accomplished player herself, she wanted her twin tween girls, Elena and Vivi, to have the opportunity to live the company’s mission statement. They are helping shape the designs for the golf lifestyle brand on and off the course that can transition to other activities as well. 

Rebekah continues to partner with the original Colombian designer, Liza Bruno. The team is dedicated to not only growing the brand but growing the game of golf for girls. Customers can find us at: MarieBirdie.com and in select country clubs



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